Stable Working And Long Life Rollers

1、Extremely high abrasion resistance, ultra-low friction coefficient, super anti-adhesion ability, can extend the life of the belt 2-3 times;
2、Lifetime free from maintenance worries;
3、It is flame retardant, anti-static, anti-aging, and resistant to corrosion of various chemical media;
4, super mechanical strength, can withstand repeated impact, vibration;
5, superior sealing performance, low noise, low rotational resistance, smooth operation, long service life, is 2-3 times the traditional rollers;
6, wide temperature adaptability (can work between -40 ℃ - 80 ℃ for a long time);

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Roller, as an important part of belt conveyor, plays a key role in various industrial fields. In order to ensure the high quality, high efficiency and high reliability of our rollers, we always insist on strict raw material testing, scientific design, high-precision machining, complete quality inspection process and sound packaging solutions.
In the raw material testing stage, we adopt international advanced testing equipment and methods to strictly check all raw materials. We carry out comprehensive testing in terms of chemical composition, mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy, etc. to ensure that the quality of raw materials is stable and meets the design requirements.
In terms of scientific design, we adopt finite element analysis, simulation and other technical means to optimize the design of the rollers according to the use requirements of different industrial fields. By adjusting the parameters of the structure, material and surface treatment process of the rollers, we make them reach the best state in terms of bearing capacity, anti-fatigue performance and service life.
High-precision processing is another key link to ensure the quality of rollers. We adopt CNC machine tools, special processing equipment and advanced processing technology to ensure the precision and stability of each process. At the same time, the temperature, pressure and other parameters during the processing are strictly controlled to prevent deformation, cracks and other defects.
In order to ensure the quality of the rollers, we have also established a complete quality inspection process. From raw materials to finished products in storage, each link is subject to strict quality inspection. Non-destructive flaw detection, hardness testing, dimensional inspection and other methods are used to exclude potential quality problems before leaving the factory.
Finally, in order to ensure the safe transport and stable use of the rollers, we have developed a scientific packaging programme. We choose impact-resistant, moisture-proof and rust-proof packaging materials to protect the rollers steadily. At the same time, we take anti-vibration and anti-friction measures in the packing process to avoid the rollers from being damaged in the transport process.
In a word, we always insist on taking customers' demand as the guidance, taking quality as the core, and comprehensively strengthening the research and development, production and quality control of rollers. Our rollers have been applied in various environments to verify their high quality, high efficiency and high reliability, and have won the trust and praise of our customers.

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