High Silent Polymer Rollers Effectively Extending The Life

High polymer roller
Lightweight quality
Strong and wear-resistant
Impact resistance
Corrosion resistance

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Distinguished from metal rollers, High polymer roller is used as a material to make roll surface and seat sleeve, and it has outstanding advantages in performance.
The molecular structure of High polymer roller is a winding linear arrangement, so it has very high impact strength, this material can be used in bulletproof vests and armour protection, and in recent years, it is also being researched and applied to gradually replace bulky metal materials. The role of the rollers, it will not be due to long-term rotation, fall or impact to produce fracture.
The coefficient of friction of High polymer roller products is extremely small, similar to ice. As the surface of the rollers, it can effectively reduce the friction with the surface of the belt, thus prolonging the service life of the belt.
High polymer roller has excellent corrosion resistance. At room temperature, any concentration of acid, alkali, salt, sulfur and other corrosive media are difficult to produce chemical reactions with it. As a roller, there is no need to worry about corrosion, rust and corrosion.
The water absorption rate of High polymer roller is very low (0.01%), so its own anti-adhesion is very good, even in water or oil medium, dust will not adhere to its surface, scaling. As a roller, firstly, you don't need to worry about the surface of the belt biting due to adhering materials, and secondly, you don't need to worry about the rotating parts of the scale and increase the rotating resistance.
The specific gravity of High polymer roller is very light, only about 0.94, which is 1/8 of carbon steel, as the rollers, it is easy to install and replace without noise, which reduces the working intensity and purifies the working environment.
High polymer roller rollers can have double resistance (anti-static, halogen-free flame retardant) characteristics, used in coal mines and other special environments, safety can be guaranteed.

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