Customized Conveyor Idlers For Various Conveying Systems

Complex work environments require the right products. Waterproof three-proof rollers, lightweight polymer rollers, anti-magnetic stainless steel rollers and so on, to provide users with the most suitable roller products is our unremitting efforts.

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In industry, various working environments place different demands on the performance and reliability of equipment. In order to meet these challenges, the right roll products become the solution. This text will introduce in detail the characteristics of the rollers, applicable scenarios, and how to provide users with the most suitable roller products.
As an important supporting part of belt conveyor, rollers play a key role in the stable operation of conveyor belt. In order to meet the needs of different environments, we have developed various types of rollers for waterproof, lightweight and anti-magnetic requirements.
Waterproof three-proof rollers: with special sealing design, it has excellent waterproof performance. It can effectively prevent the intrusion of water in the harsh mine and corrosive environment, and prolong the service life of the conveyor belt.
Polymer lightweight roller: adopts high strength, lightweight polymer material, with light weight, small moment of inertia and other characteristics. It is suitable for the conveyor which needs to be moved and handled frequently to improve the mobility and operational efficiency of the equipment.
Stainless steel anti-magnetic roller: for high magnetic field environment, it adopts special anti-magnetic material and process to effectively prevent magnetic field interference. It ensures the normal operation of the conveyor belt and equipment and is suitable for industries such as electric power, electronics and military industry.
Compared with competitors, our rollers have obvious advantages in material and function. In terms of materials, we use high-performance engineering plastics, stainless steel and other materials, which makes the rollers have stronger corrosion resistance, high strength and stability. In terms of function, our rollers undergo precision machining and strict quality control to ensure their smooth operation and low noise, which improves the running efficiency of the conveyor belt.

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