Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevator is a kind of vertical lifting material conveying equipment, it has the advantages of simple structure, low maintenance cost, high conveying efficiency, high lifting height, stable operation, wide range of applications and so on.

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(1) Drive power is small, the use of inflow feeding, induced discharge, large-capacity hopper intensive arrangement, in the material lifting almost no return and digging phenomenon, so less ineffective power.

(2) Wide range of lifting, this type of elevator on the type of material, characteristics of the requirements of less, not only can lift the general powder, small granular materials, but also can lift the abrasive materials, sealing is good, less environmental pollution.

(3) good operational reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods to ensure the reliability of the machine operation, high lifting height. The elevator runs smoothly, so it can reach a high lifting height.

(4) Long service life, the feeding of the elevator takes the inflow type, no need to dig the material with a bucket, and there is little extrusion and collision between the materials. The machine is designed to ensure that the material is spilled less during feeding and discharging, which reduces mechanical wear.

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