Environmental Friendly Pipe Conveyor With Strong Adaptability

Environmental Friendly Pipe Conveyor With Strong Adaptability
1. Enclosed conveying materials
2. Conveying route can be arranged with curves in space since the belt is tubular. In terms of EP belt, the minimum radius of curvature of its horizontal and vertical plane can be 300 times of the pipe diameter .
3. Pipeline can be arranged according to terrain curves, especially suitable for areas with complicated topographic conditions.
4. Large inclination
5. Materials are conveyed on carrying and returning sections. Because of two sections are both tubular, the returning section can convey materials in negative direction, if special feeder apparatus and belt turnover device are
6. Small space and less land

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Pipe conveyor is a special kind of belt conveyor that conveys bulk material in a tubular belt. Materials are conveyed on the belt supported by rollers which is the same with ordinary belt conveyors. The friction between pulleys and belt makes the belt move in circle to convey materials. While the difference lies in the way they convey materials, the ordinary ones convey materials on a plane-section or a trough-section, while pipe conveyors convey materials on a tubular belt. 

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