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Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.

JzCreation remains committed to be the general contractor of bulk continuous conveying system projects, including investigation and design, equipment production and integration, engineering logistics services, project implementation and management, engineering commissioning, spare parts supplement, operation and maintainance services. The general contracting programs cover different fields such as mines, ports, coals, electricity, metallurgy, building materials, food and other fields.

The core technologies of JZCREATION are the design and manufacturing of belt conveying equipment. Among them, there are stationary Belt Conveyor for long distances, large heights and capacity, the shiftable and semi-stationary Belt conveyor for opencast mining and strip overburden, long-distance curved belt Conveyor, long-distance Pipe conveyor, side-wall belt conveyor and etc. In recent years, JZCREATION has designed and developed new equipment applied to general contracting projects, such as gallery belt conveyor, cantilever telescopic stacker, belt conveyor head part telescopic device, Tire conveyor, stacker, rotative telescopic ship loader, rapid quantitive weighting system, pressedbelt vertical conveyor, Dry Fog Dust Suppression System and etc. Among them, the gallery belt conveyor, pressed beltvertical  conveyer, belt conveyor shifting head and other new products (over ten in total) have passed the appraisal of Science and Technology Department in Henan Province and identified as leading technologies in China. All the products above have been successfully applied in general contracting projects involving various industries. 

CE Certification:

Human Resource Proportion

Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd has more than 700 employees. The following picture can show you our human resource proportion.

8 project managers in Jiaozuo Creation obtained American PMP certificates.

12 project managers in Jiaozuo Creation obtained Australia AIPM certificates.

36 welders in Jiaozuo Creation obtained American AWS certificates.

Daily Used Software

Our engineers daily use the following software to do the design, analysis and organize production: Auto CAD、Inventor、Solid works、ANSYS、EPLAN, etc.


Jiaozuo Creation has obtained 36 national and provincial science and technology awards, 14 municipal science progress awards and 32 national patents.


Executive Director Unit of CHMIA; Executive Vice President Unit of National Belt Conveyor Association;

National High Tech Enterprise;

Provincial Enterprise Technology Center;

The reputation of intelligent manufacturing

Henan Province Material Continuously Conveying Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center;

Experimental Base of Welding Research Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University;

Jiaozuo City Ten Best Innovation Enterprise;

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